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Terry Shintani ,
M.D., J.D., MPH

is personalizing the way he practices medicine for you.



Welcome to Personalized Healthcare

Join Dr. Shintani's Club120+ program as he brings his experience as one of the nation's leading holistically-trained physicians to provide a highly personalized program providing more direct attention aimed at optimizing your health - not just keeping you free of disease.

Member Testimonials

"Dr. Shintani is impassioned to help people get well & stay well. He enjoys sharing all he has learned to help you achieve your best health. We appreciate how he has helped us enjoy our optimal health. We will continue to ask for his expertise on staying healthy."

If you could remain healthy, how many years would you like to live?

Patients need a New Paradigm of Health if they are to achieve optimal levels of personal health and increase longevity. This simply cannot be done with the current healthcare delivery model. However, the Club120+ approach is centered around HEALTHCARE - not just disease care. Our goal is to help patients live healthier longer, reduce medication, and begin to shift the wellness paradigm. Dr. Shintani and his team will be working with you on a highly individualized basis with the goal of using less medication while improving your health and helping you live longer. To do this, a full spectrum of healing modalities will be employed, such as; macrobiotics, nutrition, Oriental medicine, traditional Hawaiian healing, as well as preventive medicine. If you want to age gracefully with more function, less pain and less medication you may benefit by joining my membership-style practice. Join Club120+ so that we can work together to take control of your health and achieve your long-term wellness goals.

Because of Dr. Shintani's exclusive and better-connected patient panel,
you may also enjoy some of the following benefits and conveniences:

  • Executive-Style Physical: Comprehensive diagnostic exam with a detailed lifestyle analysis identifying health challenges and creating a plan for improved health throughout the year.
  • One on one individualized care
  • Quarterly wellness events on topics such as; anti-aging updates, controlling blood sugar, inflammation, diet and nutrition, longevity, environmental stressors, and much more
  • Weekly recipes or tips and other important health topics
  • Energy Healing Discounts/Specials

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